Cloud-based Live Streaming broadcast

You can configure professional streaming delivery in minutes, and can go with Pay-as-you-go billing model during your proof of concept phase.

Massive and scalable Live Streaming delivery to any size, any device, with supporting a variety of streaming protocols and codecs, with ingesting a live stream from both mobile app and hardware appliance live encoders, with transcoding, transmuxing and recording live streams in the cloud, with integrating industry-leading CDNs.

Support advanced features such as 4K UHD resolution, 24x7 linear live, single file-based live streaming, image watermarking, Live-to-VOD conversion, various security options (Stream encryption, CDN token authentication, CDN geo-blocking), and so on so forth.

Advanced & Customizable Streaming Platform

More customized Streaming Workflows can be achieved both on-premises and in the cloud, with software-licensed streaming platform software that supports the same advanced media technologies as cloud platforms.

Supporting for more advanced streaming workflows, with DRM (Digital Rights Management) function to realize content monetization, with the low-latency streaming technologies such as SRT (Secure Reliable Transport), WebRTC, Apple Low Latnecy HLS, etc.

Doploying with the container technologies for scalable deployment and management of streaming platforms on multiple cloud platforms.

Leverage Live Streaming for a variety of businesses and applications

Advanced and professional Live Streaming Platforms are not limited to entertainment and commercial broadcasting, but also be applied to various use cases such as internet shopping/live e-commerce, public announcements, webinars, remote monitoring and monitoring, live event distribution, interactive streaming, social streaming, etc.

Easy integration with a variety of applications using the API provided by the Live Streaming Platform.