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Product Overview

THEOplayer is a universal video player solution that works on various devices. Online media and enterprise companies around the world can quickly deliver a consistent video playback experience on any device or platform through the integration of this rich-featured SDK with a variety of video ecosystems.

THEO Technologies is not just a company that offers commercial video player products, but also continuously provides integrated plug-ins for the vide streaming ecosystem around various video distribution scenarios, and more provides professional services to lead and support your projects and video distribution services to success as video distribution and playback experts.

LiveInstantly closely works with THEO Technologies to provide professional services as your technical solution partner.


THEO Technologies Portfolio

THEOplayer Universal Player supports multiple device platforms; HTML5 web platform, Android/iOS/iPadOS mobile device platforms, Android TVs/Tizen/LG WebOS smart TVs, and Apple TV (tvOS)/Amazon FireTV/Chromecast/Roku streaming device platforms.

These SDKs enables you to implement multi-device support for your video streaming delivery easily. In addition, THEOplayer supports Angular/React/Nuxt.js/Vue.js/AMP/WordPress for your web platform development and React Native platforms in addition to native APIs for your mobile app development, so you can develop using your technical knowledge and experience in the frameworks.


Also, THEOplayer SDKs provide the connector functions integrated with various video streaming ecosystem solutions as follow:

Streaming platform
and encoders, etc.
DRM servicesPlayback AnalyticsAdvertisement
AtemeBuyDRM KeyOSConvivaGoogle Ad Manager DAI
AWS ElementalcastLabs DRMTodayMediaMelon SmartSightGoogle Ad Manager IMA
HarmonicCommScope Arris TitaniumMuxVerizon Media Platform
Imagine CommunicationsEZDRMYoubora (NPAW)Yospace
MediakindIntertrust ExpressPlay
Microsoft AzureIrdeto
SynamediaiStreamPlanet Atlas
Unified StreamingMicrosoft Azure
Verizon Media PlatformNAGRA Conax Contego
WowzaVerimatrix MultiRights
Verizon Media Platform DRM
Vualto VuDRM

About THEO

THEO Technologies offers industry-leading player SDKs which provide a proven compatibility with varieties of video delivery peripheral systems including Streaming Platform, Advertisement playback, DRM, and Playback Analytics. In 2017, 2018 and 2019, their SDK won the Streaming Media Readers’ Choice Awards as the World’s Best Video Player solution/SDK.

As a leader in low-latency and high-performance video playback, THEO is one of the first player to support the low-latency playback of LL-HLS and LL-DASH streaming protocols, and has proposed industry-leading technologies such as the High Efficiency Streaming Protocol (HESP) and Enrich Media Streaming Solutions (EMSS) for the technical compatibility between video layer and SSAI (Server-side Ads-Insertion) solutions.

With a team of more than 85 streaming media professionals in more than 20 countries, THEO also offers their professional services with highly specialized technical skills and experiences in the video streaming.

THEO is headquartered in Reuben, Belgium, and has multiple branch offices in Barcelona (Spain), New York (USA) and Singapore.