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LiveInstantly is a digital transformation consulting and solutions company with video streaming for all businesses and industries.

Our Mission

Thanks to the big growth of mobile devices and the advanced development of network and cloud technologies, people’s lifestyles and working styles are diversifying. This diversification has made it possible for people to obtain various information at anytime and anywhere. In particular, audio-visual digital media has made it easier to convey more information like face-to-face conversations. However, with the evolution of 5G networking in the future, such audio-visual digital media will be continually overflowing more and more on the Internet network.

It is getting harder for us to understand how quickly and accurately you can deliver the information you want to convey immediately, how the result of delivering the information is, and how that information has affected people, over the the network where the digital media is overflown.

Our purpose is to support all individuals and companies that transmit information using audio-video digital media by using the latest video media technology and cloud technology.

We will fulfill the mission,

**"I want to convey information, anytime as soon as I want, as I want, to the persons whom I intended, and to be able to confirm that it was surely transmitted"**

, by providing innovative high-quality media technology products and cloud platforms.

Our Business

  • Technical consultation business for the Digital Media Platforms.
    • Consulting the solution designing, architectures, and integration between multiple digital video streaming platform products which our company resells.
  • Sales business for the Digital Media Platforms
    • Reselling and supporting the software & hardware products for digital video streaming platforms

Company Information

Company NameLiveInstantly, LLC.
Established DateJuly 3rd, 2020
Capital3,000,000 JPY
Company LocationRisona Kudan Building 5F (KS Floor - Knowledge Society area), 1-5-6, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0074 Japan
Company RepresentativesShigeyuki Fukushima (Founder, Owner)
ContactsEmail: sales@liveinstantly.com
Tel: +81-50-5858-3129
Resales ProductsProducts from Wowza Media Systems, LLC.
Products from Irdeto B.V.
Products from THEO Technologies NV.
Products from Media Melon
Products from Nowtilus GmbH